Life is what you make it… so let’s make it!

When it comes to music education and mentoring musicians to strategise their career, Damian has proved he is the best in the world.

After founding The British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) which is now valued at over £50M, Damian went on to build and invest in several other businesses including DK Music Management, DK Music Academy & Warble Entertainment. In addition to this Damian has always stayed real to his musician roots touring and recording several times a week around the country and over his career has played some huge shows.

‘Playing London’s Hyde Park to 150,000 people alongside Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette, The Who, & Bob Dylan was a big highlight’


After failing high school and embarrassingly being made to resit the entire year only to fail a second time, Damian decided to become a rock star! A few bands and some hard work later, he (along with the band) got a record deal…. a few months and not as much work later they got dropped from the label and lost the record deal! So it was time to get a j.o.b and Damian found himself a job in a shampoo factory cleaning the tops of conditioner bottles. 3 hours into his first shift he decided being a rock star was a better idea, put down the bottle, after cleaning it first of course and walked out with the attitude of ‘whatever it takes to be in the music industry!’

So Damian went to study music and after graduating at 19, became a bass guitar lecturer at the music college he graduated from in Surrey, England called The Academy of Contemporary Music. Over time he helped grow the college from 50 to 800 students as part of the core management team.

In 2001 he left ACM with a colleague and became a founder of The Brighton Institute of Modern Music (now British & Irish Institute of Modern Music) which has become the most successful set of independent music colleges in the world valued at in excess of £50M.

A photo of Damien Keyes sitting outside on some steps.


Damian sold his shares in BIMM in 2010 and started DK Music Management a commercial band management company to help musicians find work after leaving music education. DKMM is now the largest commercial band management company in the Europe with over 200 musicians performing weekly. Damian is also the founder of his new venture DK Music Academy to help develop and inspire musicians all over the country to pick up an instrument and learn to play!

‘I have a huge passion for both the music industry and entrepreneurship and love working with people. I am equally at home on stage in front of 10’000 business owners as I am in a sweaty rehearsal room with a rock band. Life is what you make it… so let’s make it!’


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