What’s Your Story?

Who are you? What do you stand for? You need to have a clear answer for these questions when promoting yourself and building a successful career as a musician. It’s crucial for your career to know not only what’s your next step but also where you’re going and how did you get to the place you are in right now. And yes, you answer these questions when you are recording, shooting an album cover, or when you perform a gig – but what about all the activities in between?

You need to think about your identity as a musician every single day and pass a clear message about it via all your marketing channels, along with your music agenda. Posting your photos and singles is great, but it isn’t enough to make a personal connection and engage your audience emotionally. Remember, people love stories! And they will enjoy your music even more once they start to admire you as a person. Your fans and followers will want you to succeed, and they will help you once they become a part of your journey. So how do you get there? How can you create and tell your story in an appealing way? Below are four simple rules to follow.

1. Your core message must be instant

People who are searching for you on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media must get the clear message of who you are .. instantly. Do not let them scroll down to the bottom of your news feed to find out what do you do; chances are they won’t even get there. Make sure that your core message is always in front of user’s eyes and keep answering “who you are” on your social media. And do it every single day.

2. Open-up

Show people where you come from, where are you going and what do you stand for. Make the personal connection and open-up to your fans! They want to know more about you and see the whole picture. The journey is the base of every story, let your fans become an active part of it.

3. Provoke emotions

Music is all about triggering different emotions. It is the same when it comes to the marketing – use it! Look at an X-Factor’s example – people don’t watch the show because of the music, but because of the stories and emotions they are hooked on. Remember it when creating and releasing content. Ask yourself which emotion do you want to trigger? What feeling do you want to pass across and how do you achieve it? Build the tension, make people laugh or make them curious – whatever emotion it is, it must be powerful enough to make your audience engage with your message.

4. Consistency

Be aware of your identity as a musician and deliver a clear message to your audience. Do not confuse your fans and don’t contradict yourself. Make a strong statement on who you are, what you do and repeat this message over and over again.

Good luck!

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