Hi guys, you might have noticed over the past 24 hours that the ‘new’ social media app Vero is trending. Well, Vero isn’t new – it’s been around since 2015, however there is a reason why it’s become so popular overnight. People are angry with FB/Insta due to it’s constant marketing, boosting and algorithm meddling, meaning our feed isn’t in any way chronological.

Vero is said to be new competition for FB and ‘The Gram’! It’s become so popular in the last 24 hours that the server can’t handle the amount of people signing up and they are having to upgrade. While it’s the buzz platform of the moment, it raises the same question as today’s snow day… Will it stick?

Well it’s hard to know because of the power of Facebook (who also own Instagram) and they won’t want any momentum taken away from their multi-billion dollar monopoly. This week it was reported that Facey B’s stock rose by $17 billion after Kylie Jenner took a big runny dump on snapchat via Twitter… The power of the influencer right there!

This ‘new’ platform may or may not take over the world but this is a chance for you to get in early – in case it flies. If you are going to use Vero I have some advice…

1. To begin with, get on it as you personally and not your band or brand. New platforms build quickly as people love the new underground vibe, but at this early stage they want to connect with people and friends and not be marketed at. If this platform wins, it will be a result of the lack of algorithm, marketeers and adverts. So make friends on it and then you can cleverly update people as you go. Be smart!

2. Get in now to avoid the subscription fee – Vero is against adverts and boosts so it wants to make its money from a subscription. Whether this works long term is unknown, however the 1st million users will get it for free. So this is the time to potentially try before you buy.

3. Give it a real shot. If you are going to give it a try, then give it a real try. Spend time on it, become an advocate for it and nurture it. It will take patience to build a backlog of content and stories, so get people to communicate with you by talking and showing that you are ‘in the room’. Don’t be that guy who gives it 1 picture and then dismisses it as rubbish.

4. Don’t obsess over numbers. Insta and FB are just a numbers game because everyone is obsessed with marketing themselves and their brand. Maybe start by telling stories and having some fun. Use it as a chance to communicate with friends and make new ones rather than shouting messages at people.

5. Lastly – come and say hello to me! I’m on it and I’m going to give it some time and love and therefore, whilst I’m ‘in the room’, it’s an empty room so let’s fill it with fun conversation. My Vero is just ‘Damian Keyes’ so come talk to me!

I don’t know whether this social media platform will take off but I guarantee that it will work for some people and the ones who love it, it will love them back 10 fold. Why not be one of those people who gets the love?

Big Love

Damo x