So, you are stepping up your game and getting serious about social marketing. You’ve got your Facebook, your YouTube channel, and a professional website. And how about your Twitter? Do you really need it? Check out on some most popular myths and facts about the most mysterious social media platform before making the final decision.

1.    “Follow-for-follow” isn’t the right way to build your Twitter audience


“Like for like”?  “Follow for follow”? This strategy works… in the short term. You can get to a thousand, ten thousand or even one hundred thousand followers if you are good at clicking.  And this is true not only for Twitter’s users – this tactic works all along the social media platforms – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Numbers are important, almost as important as the content itself but quality matters even more. Don’t go the wrong way: just because it is easier to earn followers by following others doesn’t mean that this is the right way to gain recognition. Are you really interested in reaching the audience that doesn’t care about your work… at all? Try to find real fans, people who will appreciate your music, even if it means that the number of likes and followers will be less impressive. Building social media engagement takes time, and the shortcut doesn’t get you to the right place.

2.    If you’ve got lot of followers, it means you’re successful on Twitter


The quality of your feed usually goes down disproportionally to the number of people you follow.  If you ever use the “follow-for-follow” strategy, you’ve probably ended up with very crowded, junky feed with whole lots of useless information. When clicking “follow” try to select profiles that suit your interests and serve unique content to avoid spammy content and keep your feed interesting. Your number of followers may grow slower, but Twitter isn’t just a “number game.”  Its real value is an instant piece of quality information, so make sure you use it in the most beneficial way.

3.    Auto scheduling is a bad idea


Whilst auto-scheduling responses is something I’d advise against, auto scheduling content makes much more sense on Twitter than on any other social media. Twitter is all about a short thought, spark, inspiration. Scheduling tweets is a perfect opportunity to share your band agenda with the world, step by step, tweet by tweet. To ensure you are responsive to your fans, even if your post was pre-scheduled, turn on in-app notifications and track your followers’ reactions. Highly recommended!

4.    Twitter is a fantastic search engine


Twitter supports your branding, it helps to optimize your SEO, and it’s a fantastic search engine – for your potential producers, sponsors, and clients. Twitter is like a mini blog – it takes only a minute or two to post the content, but when it comes to the search results – every piece of valuable content counts. Despite popular myth saying that Twitter is dying, its user base keeps growing and reached over 313 mln MAU this January. Let these users find you!

5.    Twitter is dead


Many people don’t get Twitter, but in fact, Twitter is a treasure trove for freelancers and artists looking to step up their game. It is a perfect way to build your professional community, connect with other musicians, exchange ideas and career tips. Twitter is also unique, and it allows you to do things that would not be possible on any other social media. It is the most dynamic and conversational platform. Take advantage of it!