1.    Be realistic when choosing the venue

Everybody wants to play in those impressive venues, but they aren’t suitable for 30 or even a 100-person audience. A big venue won’t necessarily create the right atmosphere so be realistic when choosing the next place for your gig.

2.    Use of the space is a key

Make sure you stand right in front of your audience. Put yourself in the center, so it is easier to communicate. It is crucial to pass the right message via your body language.

3.    Be creative when choosing your outfit

What you wear really matters. Black shirt? Black jeans? Sure, but remember you are running a SHOW. Consider something more colorful – it will help you to stand out and be remembered.

4.    Value your time and focus your performance

How much time should you spend on the stage? 25, 30 or perhaps 40 min? You may be surprised, but a longer performance does not always mean a better one. Make the show as intense as possible and don’t let your audience be bored for a single second. Give out the best piece of your music and make people beg for more!

5.    Performance is not only what’s on the stage

Everybody loves to chill with the other bands backstage – but remember, the show isn’t over after your performance. Use your time to the maximum – network, create social media content and talk to the fans when you are off the stage.

6.    First 30 seconds counts the most

You have only one chance to make the first impression. Don’t wait to play your best song at the end. When you’re a band whose still building its audience, it’s a much better idea to start strong rather than play your best piece when part of the audience has already left…

7. Brand your band’s name

The show is your chance to be remembered, so make sure you repeat your name in between songs. Connect with your fans and let them know how can they find you online whether they are searching for more of your music, wanting to learn your story or buying your single.

8. Cover? Yes, but…

Only if you have a REALLY good reason to play the cover. Statistically speaking, you have a much better chance to succeed when you play originals.

9. Front the band.

When getting on stage, do not forget to introduce your band. Prepare a short, focus statement and keep repeating the same message on each gig, again and again. It is your time to pass a clear message about who you are, what you do and where you are going. Brand yourself and don’t forget to let your fans know how can they keep in touch with you via social media and other marketing channels.

10. Use the opportunity to engage with your audience.

On the end of the show, don’t forget to THANK your audience – these people were there for you and supported you during your performance! Guide your new fans what to do next. Should they check your Spotify? Follow you on twitter? Buy your new single? Let them know! It’s a great opportunity to enlarge your band recognition and initiate building the relations with your audience.