There is something that’s killing your band. Killing your career. It’s a silent killer; you don’t even realise it’s there. Hiding in the kitchen whilst you’re in the bathroom. In the backseat of your car when you’re about to go out for a drive. Waiting under your bed at night….

It’s called… overthinking. 

Ok, seriously though. We really do need to talk about the stupid decisions brought on by overthinking. This is the curse of the musician’s brain. It plays tricks on you. It’s creative and inquisitive and rebellious, and always over complicating things. 

Often this means that instead of doing the simple thing that they should be doing – writing and releasing music – musicians decide to do some other convoluted thing. And listen, I get it. Do you remember the dreaded school report? Every term, when my report was sent home, it used to feature the same phrase, something along the lines of: “if Damian spent half the amount of time doing the work instead of avoiding it, he would have a much easier school life.”

And it was true… if I’d have just done the work instead of coming up with intricate plans on how to avoid it, I probably would have had a lot more free time – and learnt a lot more! This is exactly what I see a lot of musicians doing, and much like my schoolyard excuses, it doesn’t work. If you haven’t released a song in 3 months, a new logo isn’t going to save you. Renaming your band doesn’t solve the bigger issue of why it isn’t working. And if you all live in different parts of the country, a lyric video isn’t fooling anyone.

So, let me ask you a question. Have you written a song in the last week? A finished song? If not, don’t you think that’s a problem? As a songwriter or a band, who’s job it is to write songs, 1 song a week is really not that much. Just remember, it’s all about the music. Everything else – your socials, vlogs, merch, logos – is all to support the music. 

Think about your favourite band – if given the choice, would you want new artwork, new merch, or a new song? It’s the song every time, right? So you need to ask yourself if you’re putting out enough music. And if the answer is no, you need to prioritise that over everything else. No excuses!

Your music is your oxygen. It’s your life force. Are you making enough?