Have you got the following info written down and communicated to the band (not in your head)…

1. What are your weekly content targets?

2. Do you have weekly pillars and routine in your content creating?

3. Do you have a diary with time for content preparation?

4. Do you have time in your diary for content creation or is it ‘when you are inspired’?

5. Who is breaking down content to distribute on your other platforms? Does someone have that responsibility?

6. Have you put FB live into your strategy? (FB is putting 6x the reach on FB live)

7. Have you posted more than 3 times a week since Xmas consistently?

8. Are you working towards something new and if so is your audience involved or is it just the odd pic update?

9. Have you uploaded to YT more than 3 times since Xmas?

10. Have you boosted anything on FB in 2018 to learn more about triggering the new algorithm?

Be honest… post your score below, you can lie if you want, I won’t know but you will.

If you got less than 8 then you have work to do this weekend. If you got less than 5, you need to call a band meeting today to discuss whether this is a serious project or just for fun (which is fine) and implement this stuff.

If you want to succeed in music and want to improve your engagement and build something amazing, take this seriously and think of it as an inspirational kick up the ass, knowing that this is info that can improve your chances and beat the competition.


Damo x