Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, only surpassed by it’s dad, Google. Youtube processes over 3 billion searches every month?

For creatives Youtube is a massively important strategy for both the short and long term. Youtube is under-utilised by most bands and musicians which is CRAZY! It’s a way to get discovered. Long gone are the days where Mr EMI will be at a club and sign you up however this is the closest thing to that in 2017! It’s time to pimp your Youtube ride and capitalise on it’s strengths as a platform.

Why is YT so important?

They are few things every musician should now about YouTube. First, YouTube is not just a library of videos where bands can store videos. It is probably the most powerful social channel for raising stars and professionals alike. YouTube is the first-place promoters go to, when researching musicians. The ugly truth is: if you don’t exist on YouTube as an artist, you don’t exist at all. It’s too bad that so many promising bands, players and singers underestimate the power of this platform, especially since YouTube is also an amazing way to build an audience from all over the world. How can anybody find me there (You may ask) if there are another billion musicians out there? Well, there are a few secrets to success… have a look at some of them listed below.


Use them – all 500 characters – and use them wisely. Instead of tagging general key words such as “rock band” you may want to be more specific, i.e. try “Manchester alternative rock”, “female guitar player”, “Young hip-hop songwriter” etc. Think of your geographic area, age range and larger key phrases that can differentiate you from the crowd. The concept is simple: narrowing down your niche improves your position in search results at the start of your journey.


Sadly, there are very little bands – also high level bands- that keep their standards high when it comes to branded image on YT. The page should look nice, appealing and professional – your YT profile represents you and your work. Pay attention to the sharpness and actual size of the images when it comes to the cover and thumbnails. The standard YT banner is 2560×1440 pixel so ensure your art file is big enough to fit into that frame. If you are serious about your online presence, you may want to invest in professional designer or photographer who will help you with the graphic content and bring your YT page to the next level.

Headers and description

Headers and description should help you bring more visitors to your videos and to your channel. Avoid titles that may be too generic when it comes to search results, the headers of videos should be as informative as possible. Try to include the name of the song, the name of your band, place and date where/when you performed (if it’s a video of live show) or name of the original artist (if you’re recording a cover). Another great tool you can use to boost your position in the engine is video description. Treat it like a mini “blog post” and don’t be afraid to post links to your other social media profiles – your viewers will love it + it will improve your SEO ☺


Last but not least – the playlists. Not many people know that since YT gives every video a unique code, placing records in multiple playlists helps with positioning these videos in the YT engine. This trick effectively increases chances for the video to be found, thanks to playlist’s key phrases. Try creating 5-6 playlists (i.e. Live Gigs, Official Videos, Vlogs etc.) to optimize the search results and to help your audience find their way through your channel. And remember – your YouTube profile is key when it comes to your career in music so treat it seriously!