Hi guys,

Yesterday I made a video about Youtube’s new changes and in the last 24 hours I have had some time to reflect on it. While I have talked about technicalities, I wanted to give my thoughts on it.

I think it was clear to a lot of the Youtube community that there needed to be some updates after ‘Adpocalypse’ and many big YT channels taking the brunt of big changes. Youtube needs to look after the creatives who bring value to millions of daily viewers. Stars like Casey Neistat, Pewdiepie and Zoella are a big draw and should be looked after, just like musicians who create music ‘SHOULD’ reap the rewards from their art. However this should not be at the expense of creators who still take their art and channels seriously.

While these changes are set out to look after the people who look after the platform, it feels like Youtube has gone too far in the other direction. I agree that they need to look after creators and calm things down. Something like this was needed, but it does feel like they have made it too far out of reach for many creators.

To put it in context, I put out content on YT 5 days a week and sometimes multiple times a day, and some of my videos are an hour long. I have 415 videos which are available. I’m a small YT channel, but I work on it every day and I have less than 2000 Subs. My saving grace is that because of my long form videos, I do hit about 10k hours of viewing per year.

Young creators need targets, guidance and inspiration to work towards, to aspire to and to get them to the next level. When I say ‘young creators’ I mean new to the game, like myself. I might not make much money from YT, but I like challenging myself by working towards targets.

This feels like a child who has become ill-disciplined and had her hand chopped off – maybe a little extreme! I’m hoping that Youtube has something up its sleeve and isn’t going to make the platform elitist.

I would like to finish by saying that I LOVE Youtube – it’s one of the most amazing gifts we have in today’s technological era and single handedly helps us every day. It’s my favourite of all the social media platforms as a user and a consumer. However as a teacher, I like to inspire and help people achieve and set attainable targets.

Don’t let this put you off using Youtube. Money shouldn’t be the motivation to upload if you are a creative. Don’t forget, Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, 2nd only to Google. Keep on creating and keep on using these vehicles to gain attention and momentum.

Big Love, Damo x