Keynote Speaking – ‘The stage is my arena’

The stage is where Damian is most at home having been performing and educating several times a week for over 20 years. Bringing together the world of business, social media and brand building using rock and roll anecdotes keeps audiences entertained and hanging on his every word. The man who was there when Gary Glitter broke Roger Daltrey’s eye socket with a mic stand. A guy who has performed at the biggest stadiums, had an award winning radio show and even has a Guiness World Record!

“You need to check out what Damian Keyes is up to. Don’t tell him but he’s kinda my content creation hero at the moment” – Ian Rhodes (Marketing specialist)

Damian specialises in keynotes on business, social media and the music industry however sometimes it’s nice to match a bit of all 3 as in this day and age they are all related!


How do you grow your traffic and develop your brand?

When you are so close to your business it’s not easy to take a step back and see the big picture of what to prioritise or even where to start. There are so many different tactics and strategies which can help you however which one is right for you, your skill set and your business?

If you are looking to work with Damian to develop your business brand, here are several ways he can bring you value.

  • Workshops – Damian can come to your business to speak to a large group or individual smaller meetings.
  • Keynote Speaking – Have Damian come to speak at your event inc FAQ’s.
  • Personal Consulting – Work with Damian on a weekly personal level to develop your business & social media.
  • Social Media Audit – A one off detailed report of your social media (inc questionnaire) to give you suggestions on what is working and some creative ideas to improve for the future.
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