Hey Hey Hey Monkeys!

This week Facebook have changed their algorithm and while they tweak it regularly – this time it’s a big one. You might have heard about this as there are a lot of unhappy marketers across the world. So what have they done, why have they done it and how will it effect you? But more importantly… what can you do to make sure your music gets heard and your videos get seen.

What has happened?

Facebook designs algorithms to ensure the end consumer (you the Facebook user) gets to see what it deems as the most relevant and important content, to keep you on FB for as long as possible. However, with a recent dip in viewing numbers as well as pressures from higher powers about social responsibilities, Zucks & co have decided that friends, family and conversation are more important than endless streams of cat videos and drunk punch ups in Newcastle… or is that just on mine?

What does this mean?

This means that due to new priorities, personal profiles will be prioritised over any kind of marketing pages like band, business or personality pages. It also means that where FB used to reward content for engagement, it’s now up’d its expectation and will reward conversation more than a comment and both combined more than a simple like. It should mean that you (the Facebook user) get less spam and marketing things that you don’t really care for. However, you might see less of the awesome stuff you really care about… like me… unless you are engaging and watching regularly. No pressure!

How will this affect you?

Now how does this affect you (the Facebook marketer)? I know that’s a horrible word when you are in a band or a musician but effectively your job is to be seen and engage with your audience, so when you post content, you want your audience to see you are a marketer. Well, it means you have a harder job to get your content out there to the masses and even if you think it’s all about the money, it will probably mean you will get fewer views for your money – even if you do splash the cash! So while you will see less marketing spam, you will also be less marketing spam.. What Zucks gives with one hand he taketh with the other!

What you can do?

As always, marketers will be getting to work on finding ways around the system and changing their content habits to help get traction! I foresee a strategy being less content with higher value being a key. Not only will value be crucial to cutting through the noise cancelling algorithm, but also how you deliver your content.

It’s now more crucial than ever that you are demanding engagement with a question, offer or thought provoking comment to get people involved in your content, rather than just watching it. Now is the time for us to raise our standards and allow that shred of perfection back into our lives for the sake of content being churning out like re-runs of ‘Friends’.

I have already started to notice the difference in reach and engagement because of that and I feel like I’m being punished by FB. Have you noticed anything yet and what do you think of these changes? …I want your opinion with your ‘user’ head on as well as your ‘band’ head on.

Tell me your thoughts!

Big Love… Damo x