I really appreciate you taking the time to come to this site & be a part of my journey in helping creative people build brands, whether it’s in business or music.

Before you hit me up – I love hearing from you but I do get around 200 emails/messages a day and replying to all of them is really tough so please be patient and respect the amount of time it takes to read the emails (short and sweet just makes me love you more) and reply.

Things that will always be prioritised are :

1. Keynotes / Talks / Workshops – What can I say, I still love the stage!
2. Collaborations – I can bring more value via the power of an audience (and so can you)
3. Bribes – I’m a fan of cake, wrist bands, and especially cool T-shirts (size small)

In all seriousness after 20 years I still have a huge passion to help people create and grow their career. If I can help and you can’t find the answers from my daily social media videos, then maybe you should call The A Team… So what are you waiting for, get in touch and say hi!


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