Twitter Myths and Facts

So, you are stepping up your game and getting serious about social marketing. You’ve got your Facebook, your YouTube channel, and a professional website. And how about your Twitter? Do you really need it? Check out on some most popular myths and facts about the most mysterious social media platform before making the final [...]

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What’s Your Story?

Who are you? What do you stand for? You need to have a clear answer for these questions when promoting yourself and building a successful career as a musician. It’s crucial for your career to know not only what's your next step but also where you’re going and how did you get to the [...]

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What have I learned in 6 months of living & breathing social media (6 month review)

In August 2016 I embarked on a new journey to put a small full time team together and build a new project, develop a brand by immersing myself in social media from the moment I woke up until sleep time. The brand would be myself as a music industry educator, however also to implement anything [...]

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Re-thinking the rules of gigging

Musicians are programmed to think in a certain way. We grow up watching our favourite bands who grew up emulating their favourite bands and since the 1960’s there has been a similar structure to how bands think and strategise. However what has worked for the last 50 years is quickly changing due to technology, distribution, [...]

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Singers – Are you looking for a band?

So many singers spend years developing their voices just like every other musician but all too often singers struggle to find a band, or musicians to jam and write with, especially vocalists who don’t play an instrument. I’ve known hundreds of talented singers who just couldn’t get a band together. Well let’s drill down into [...]

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