While success is subjective and each of us have different definitions of what success looks like, there are some definite ways of improving your chances to achieving where you want to be.

The creative brain thinks and acts in a different way to most humans. We have a natural desire to create, build and experiment at all times. Creativity provokes emotion amongst others which is addictive.. a bit like Jaffa Cakes! While there are a million different tips, thoughts and ideas, I want to focus on two big factors that will help your journey.

Do you think you could improve in these 2 areas?

Setting yourself up to succeed

Spreading your bet seems sensible because we are trained from an early age to think and act with safety in mind. Risk is dangerous and therefore gambling is a no-no. While this is good solid advice when crossing a road or pleasuring yourself in the kitchen with your mum in the next room, safety is not always the best idea when it comes to your career.

‘This is what i do’ is a stronger message than ‘This is what I can do’…

Being a musician (especially in a band) is hugely draining on your time because creating, managing, practising and distribution are all big commitments. While you can do so many jobs in the music industry, it doesn’t mean you should advertise that fact. There is something very strong about laying your stall out and saying, “This is what I do”.


Creatives have a passion to experiment and do things on their own terms, which is powerful when it comes to the art. Taking inspiration is not faking and while you want your art to be all you, your overall game should include tried and tested strategies. I’m constantly surprised that creatives aren’t studying other artists for their distribution, strategies, socials & content ideas etc.

Studying is not copying… it’s how you improve your originality.

The takeaway from this piece is to set yourself up, by pointing yourself towards the thing you want to achieve. Be specific. Being a musician is far too vague. Even working towards being a songwriter is still a bit vague as you could be writing for artists, TV shows, adverts, computer games, or even yourself.

Secondly, research the ‘HOW’. Yes, you get to be creative, but while you’re taking inspiration from your favourite bands and artists, why not take inspiration from the content and strategies created from the experts who know their shit.

Big love

Damo x